THE.FUTURE: "So you think you have what it takes to survive what I have in store for you? 

THE.CONTENDER: "You are so full of it. I have a whole bunch of advisers that have you in their sights. They are free thinking and certainly not controlled by you!"

This post is short and sweet. Below are some videos of some very interesting REAL WORLD outspoken people THE.CONTENDER keeps tags on. Covering future trends, investing, ecology, philsophy, fiat money and financial independence. A smart interesting bunch of free thinkers. Have a look at any of the videos that take your interest.

Gerald Celente - Trend Forecasting Master Jedi

Max Kaiser - Maverick Ex Trader who Is not afraid to Speak his Mind here talking to the Dollar Vigilante

Nassim Nicholas Taleb - Black Swans and Anti-fragility

David Morgan - Precious metals Guru and what a great presenter

Michael Burry - Investment Genius?

Matthew Simmons (April 7, 1943 – August 8, 2010) - Peak Oil Investigator

Peter Schiff - Libertarian and investor

James Lovelock - Inventor extraordinaire and identified the cause of the ozone hole

Chris Duane - The Silver Bullet and Silver Shield - Mr prepared?

Mr Money Mustache Financially independent viral blogger

Peace and prosperity


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Our little tribe found out these secrets to financial independence in our late 20’s. Since then we have taken early retirement, in our late 30's, in just 7 years. We now live in the South West of France with our two young children.

Along the way I decided to share everything I learnt. My articles and tips on aggressive saving and compound investing are there to help you meet your financial goals fast. I discuss ways to help you decide what you want by building a life plan. This helps to work out how to get where you want to be whilst avoiding the pitfalls along the way.

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There are little sustainability projects to reduce your dependence on shops and utilities whilst saving money to spend on things you want.

All of these little steps will show you how save 50%+ of your salary so you can meet your goal whatever it is. This huge saving rate can be compounded for very early retirement. I am sure you will find something here for you.

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