Looking for some tools to help plan for Financial Independence and Life? Why not swipe some ideas from the following spreadsheets?  

Financial Independence and Seeking Happiness Tools
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Financial Independence Time Line Planner
Financial Timeline Plan of the next 40+ years

Add in house costs, pensions, living costs, investments, % returns and % inflation to see a graphical projection of your finances
Financial Time Line Planner.xlsm (Excel) 02/14
ISS - Investment Stock Screener and PE10 Calculations
A tool that downloads up to 3000 stocks from and screens them for good earnings and return on capital

- Averaged PE10 Market and commodity information
- Value stock screener on 'Live' data
- Individual stock interrogator
Stock Screener.xlsm (Excel) 05/14
Mortgage Versus Renting

A tool to investigate mortgage costs versus renting and saving to buy outright.

A tool to look at the option of buying versus renting - somewhat superseded by the more advanced financial timeline planner
MortgageVsRenting.xlsx (Excel 05/14)
Where to live evaluator

What could one consider when choosing a place to live how do you rate its location, size etc?

- Add your criteria and weight their importance
- Add your places to live
- Score your places versus the criteria
- Look at the results! 
(Excel 12/14)

Unavoidable legal bit: These personal life, finance tools, calculators and check lists are for information only, and I take no responsibility for any decisions you make based on them. If you spot any bugs, please email me or leave a comment below.

Welcome to FISH !
You have come here looking for answers. How to get out of debt? How to save and invest? How to retire early and how you want to live in retirement.

Well this is the right place for you as out tribe has been through all of these steps. We no longer work for a corporate employer and have saved enough to retire early. How we did this is shared here on this site for you.

Our little tribe found out these secrets to financial independence in our late 20’s. Since then we have taken early retirement, in our late 30's, in just 7 years. We now live in the South West of France with our two young children.

Along the way I decided to share everything I learnt. My articles and tips on aggressive saving and compound investing are there to help you meet your financial goals fast. I discuss ways to help you decide what you want by building a life plan. This helps to work out how to get where you want to be whilst avoiding the pitfalls along the way.

My expertise was built up working in blue chip corporate jobs, extensive reading and putting it into practice. I have condensed this knowledge into simple strategies to help you meet your goals and not those of the bank or the place you work.

There are free planning tools on this site that help you make a life plan. A plan for your future. The tools calculate how to reach your financial goals in a timeline that suits you. The tools help set out your life goals, make them happen and how to exceed them.

There are tips on how to simplifying your life to remove day to day headaches. These include ways to pay off debt fast buy eliminating wasteful spending habits. How to reduce your monthly bills through choices that actually improve your health and wellbeing. Identifying things you don’t need that sap your time and wallet.

There are little sustainability projects to reduce your dependence on shops and utilities whilst saving money to spend on things you want.

All of these little steps will show you how save 50%+ of your salary so you can meet your goal whatever it is. This huge saving rate can be compounded for very early retirement. I am sure you will find something here for you.

Darren Lee (A.K.A the Contender as in my blog)